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4 Babe-Approved Ways to Rock Your Friendsgiving Party

November 16, 2016


We’re thankful for all our happy scrubbing babes out there, and love to share what’s trending in your world. You’ve probably heard of Friendsgiving—the holiday where you get to gather with all your besties, give thanks and get stuffed. This year, why not do things a little different? After all, we know babes like you are always up for a good time!

1: Don’t Cook It…Book It
You and your fellow babes are way too busy to be bothered with all that prepping. Instead of playing host at your place, make reservations at a hot new place you’ve all been dying to try. This way, you’ll spend less time stuffing and more time savoring. You can even make swag bags for everyone to take home, filled with must-have BodyBlendz scrubs of course!

2: Break a Sweat
Who says fatty foods and calorie-filled cocktails have to be part of the plan? Why not take a group yoga class, or grab the girls and go for a hike. Pick your fav way to spend time together. It’s a fun, healthy alternative that will have you feeling good and looking even better…especially if you start and end the day with a good scrubbing J

3: Brunch, Please
Skip the mashed potatoes and bring on the mimosas! You already love getting together to discuss last night’s deets over your veggie quiche, so why not have a great excuse to do it. Let everyone bring their own dish (homemade or premade), then pop some bubbly and enjoy. The best part: you can host this party in your PJs, with a fresh-scrubbed face.

4: Sip & Scrub
Nobody loves a scrubbing party like we do (obvs), so shake up your Friendsgiving soirée by getting your skin in tip-top shape, just in time for the holidays. All you’ll need are your best babes and plenty of BodyBlendz! For even more fun, serve up a signature drink for everyone to sip on while they scrub.


October 03, 2016

Bodyblendz is all about getting to know your body better (#doyouevenscrub ;) but you’re the babe who knows your body best. This season follow the rules for whatever it takes to feel better and live longer – even if it means one less cocktail, and one more green juice.

Life’s busy and it’s far too easy to put your health on the back burner – we get it. When caught early though, the survival rate for breast cancer is over 90%, and that’s worth a few minutes of a babe’s time.

Here are 6 tips for getting proactive about cancer prevention with healthier habits.

Control inflammation and insulin levels by choosing a high-fiber diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, vitamins A, D, and E, and healthy proteins and fats. Cut out sugary, processed, insulin-raising food, which can increase breast cancer risk.

Research shows a 10% increase in breast cancer risk for every 10 grams of alcohol (one standard drink) consumed on average each day. Try to limit alcohol or swap for healthier alternatives. Go for anything high in antioxidants like green tea.

Its been shown that even just 30 minutes of regular exercise might reduce breast cancer risk by as much as 10-20%, not to mention it is an incredible stress reliever. Whether you treadmill before work or yoga to wind down, make time to move.

Whether it’s you, you’re honey, or your doc, commit to doing early detection work by becoming familiar with your breasts’ size, shape, color, and texture. That way should any concerning changes arise, you’ll be self-aware enough to notice them.

Toxic chemicals damage the nervous system, contribute to obesity, and increase the risk of cancer. Reduce toxic exposure and care for your body by only using all natural products. In this case, Bodyblendz has got you covered...ready for a scrub?

We’re inspired by megababes with a mission and message. Follow in the footsteps of warriors who overcame breast cancer. Whether it’s someone you know, or wish you knew (Angelina Jolie!), become an empowered, healthy lifestyle advocate like them.


September 15, 2016

When it comes to a little spoiling, some say diamonds are a babe’s best friend.

As far as we know, nothing seems to give babes that special just-been-pampered glow like a scrub-in-the-tub followed by the best moisturizer.

We also know that slathering on a chemical-laden lotion or cream is the last thing we want for the ones we love most. So BodyBlendz came up with something new, and natural to help you feel nourished, smell intoxicating, and look radiant 24/7.

Babe, meet your new skincare bestie:

Oily Love!
Using oil may seem counter-intuitive for babes with sensitive skin, but the right kind of natural oil is actually one of the keys to clear, healthy, dewy skin for even combination and oily skin types.

How does it work?

Your skin has sebaceous glands that naturally produce an oily substance called sebum. Sebum protects your skin from the elements, irritation, and infection. Over-production of sebum can lead to clogged pores that trigger acne and other skin issues.

In the past, the idea was to wash off all the oil to prevent over-production, but doing this too much actually strips you of these needed natural oils. This causes your glands to go into overdrive, creating more sebum...and more skin probs!

The best way for a babe to restore balance to overly oily skin and make any skin type glow is to apply additional long as it’s the right kind.

Smoothing on natural oil will dissolve excess sebum, toxins, and impurities that clog pores. This lets the skin slow down sebum production, making it more balanced.

That’s why BodyBlendz created Oily Love. This lavish blend of Coconut, Macademia, Olive, Jojoba, and Grapeseed oils smoothes and improves overall skin quality (besides smelling good enough to eat!)
Plant and seed oils are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that heal skin and encourage cell regeneration. They more closely mimic the natural oil of skin, and maximize the enzymes and nutrients skin needs. Plus, oil absorbs quickly without being greasy, making it the ultimate moisturizer for easing irritation, increasing hydration, and enhancing soft, silky skin.
Busy babes deserve to be spoiled, so apply Oily Love generously after any BodyBlendz scrub for the best kind of indulgence. 
Fashion, fitness, beauty and travel blogger Sabrina Tubic with Oily Love...

Which celebrities am I dating?

September 05, 2016

  • Sophia Pierson
  • Natalie Halcro
  • Nicole Williams, Christina Milian
  • Dana Chapman
  • Brittny Gastineau, Nicole Williams
  • Nicole Williams
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  • Nicole Williams, Christina Milian
  • Nicole Steinwedell
  • Nicole Steinwedell
  • Chrissy Metz
  • Brittny Gastineau, Nicole Williams
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  • Nicole Williams, Sanaa Lathan
  • Sanaa Lathan
  • Sophia Pierson
  • Nicole Williams, Sanaa Lathan, Larry English
  • Nicole Williams, Sanaa Lathan
  • Natalie Halcro, Nicole Williams, Olivia Pierson, Sophia Pierson
  • Ava Capra
  • Christina Milian
  • Natalie Halcro
  • Olivia Pierson, Natalie Halcro
  • Kiki Sukezane
  • Chrissy Metz
  • Nicole Williams, Sanaa Lathan
  • Nicole Williams, Sanaa Lathan
  • Brittny Gastineau
  • Nicole Williams
  • Nicole Williams

Mandarin Mist

August 29, 2016

Have you heard the buzz, babes? 

BodyBlendz loves a good summer cocktail party, especially when it means celebrating one of our favorite mega babes and a brand new scrub.

Nicole Williams, the stunning international model and star of E’s WAGS, has been busy collaborating with BodyBlendz to create an exclusive scrub just for you...

...and Mandarin Mist is finally here! 

To toast the release of this blend (plus all the babes it would soon be making irresistibly smooth) NicoleXBlendz lit up Los Angeles – a city that’s famous for superstars, sunny days, and stylish soirees.

On August 17th, 2016, BodyBlendz joined Nicole and other Hollywood hotties to kick off the official launch of this new scrub. Between the gorgeous round-up of guests, the warm breezes, and the citrus infused cocktails, it was clear the magic of Mandarin Mist was in full effect.


To inspire a little party action of your own and be transported straight to a tropical paradise, check out this beach vacay in a bag...

Mandarin Mist has exfoliating coffee beans and sugar, moisturising coconut and jojoba oils, and reviving mandarin and grapefuit oils that work together to actively cleanse, hydrate, and restore skin.

These delicious smelling, nutrient rich ingredients contain antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-ageing benefits that remove grime and make-up, target cellulite and stretch marks, and clear acne and eczema for smooth, silky results.


To make it even easier for a babe like you to achieve an endless summer glow, we’ve put together a luxurious Mandarin Mist kit for the ultimate scrub sesh:

Nicole’s Starter Pack
1x Mandarin Mist Coffee Scrub by Nicole Williams
1x Envelope Pouch
1x Signature Nicole Williams Gold Exfoliating Gloves

Don’t wait to get your hands on this scrub and this scrub on your bod...let’s keep the party goin, babe ;)




August 12, 2016

It makes food tasty. It makes skin tingle. SALT is the best seasoning and the best skin exfoliator. So why does something so good have such a bad rep? Here’s the secret about salt and skin...

For babes who love salty snacks (don’t we all), it’s a bummer to know that if salt is eaten in excess, it can lead to cardiovascular issues, dehydration, inflammation, and irritated skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

There are different kinds of salt and different effects it can have on you. In its natural state, salt exists with a mix of other vitamins and trace minerals like magnesium and calcium. The natural mixture of minerals work with sodium to keep the body’s electrolytes and fluids in balance.

When salt is refined, (like processed common table salt) these minerals are removed and the sodium is isolated. This throws the body off balance and has the opposite effect we want. Refined salt also usually contains anti-caking ingredients and other additives that are bad for babes!

So how can a babe enjoy salty pleasures?

To enjoy salty treats, the key is to look for pure, unrefined sea salt either as food seasoning, or in any type of product that contains salt as an ingredient. This will ensure you’ll get the best body benefits from the most naturally occurring mix of vitamins and minerals.

To promote clear, glowing skin, go easy with extra salty foods, and get your salt fix with Bodyblendz instead...#doyouevenscrub

It’s no wonder why salt is popular at many of the best beauty and wellness clinics around the world. When used as an ingredient in high quality body scrubs, salt is an amazing natural exfoliator that tones skin, eliminates cellulite, and leaves babes glowing, revitalized, and oh so smooth.

Bodyblendz scrubs include pure sea salt that work with other natural ingredients like hydrating coconut, healing oats, regenerating coffee beans for amazing benefits:

~Detoxifies skin cells properly by absorbing all dirt, dust, and toxins.
~Prevents fluid retention from skin and keeps it firm, supple, and youthful.
~Is full of vital vitamins and minerals, which nourish skin cells.
~Has high calcium content which helps in cleansing clogged skin pores.
~Minimizes the formation of stretch marks and keeps flexible.

Want more body tips? Click on this link and we’ll hook you up with our exclusive beauty lifestyle e-book free of charge. 


July 25, 2016

Just like BodyBlendz can’t resist staring at a babe covered in scrub, no date can resist staring at a babe with sultry eyes.

There’s something especially alluring about eyes that have been defined in a dark and mysterious way. But as simple as it may seem, going for a smokey and seductive look can sometimes make a babe’s eyes look waaay overdone.

Smokey eye makeup doesn’t have to go on heavy to make your date melt under your gaze. The trick is to set off the natural glow of your complexion by blending two sheer, shimmery shades of gray eye-shadows (one powder and one cream) with a luminous skin-toned eye-shadow.

What’s so good about this sheer smokey look?
  • It’s ultra-wearable during the day and ultra-captivating at night, all year long.
  • It pairs well with bold lip and cheek color without looking too overdone. 
  • It works for nearly all eye colors and skin tones.
  • It’s easy to put on and easy to take off...kind of like our scrubs ;)

Here’s how babes can achieve a sheer smokey eye in 4 easy steps:

STEP ONE: Take a medium-sized domed eyeshadow brush and press a shimmery skin-toned shadow all along lid. Blend the remaining shadow on the brush upwards, just above the crease. Press a good amount of the same powder under bottom lashes and into the inner corner of eye. Lightly swipe a cotton swab to blend the edge.

STEP TWO: To add depth, use a light-to-medium gray shadow. Press it in with a tapered, domed shadow brush along upper lash line and along crease. Blend the two together to meet sheerly in the center of lid. To define the outer edge of lid, go back with the brush and press more shadow along lash line and into outer corner of eye.

STEP THREE: Swipe a creamy gunmetal gray eyeshadow stick along upper lash line and blend it in with the same domed brush from Step Two. Use the excess that remains on the brush to lightly blend more of a gray tone into lower lid directly behind lower lashes.

STEP FOUR: To finish the smokey eye look, curl lashes at the root and coat them with a few layers of black mascara. Now get ready for some eye contact and watch your date burn with desire.


July 11, 2016

Babes mean business when it comes to the perfect tan.

There’s nothing like skin that has that endless summer golden glow. Just like our products, we like our babes all natural, but when it comes to getting tan, more fake means more safe. Achieving tanned skin the old fashioned way (baking in beds and on the beach) can be dangerous – we’re going for bronzed, not burned!

As long as it’s a toxin-free natural solution, using a sunless tanning product is a safer way to get a golden glow that lingers long after summer ends.

Applying a sunless tanning product takes practice. Here are before, during, and after application tips for the best sunless tan ever:

  • For babes who would rather tackle their tan solo but aren't application experts – choose lotion or cream formulas. Go for a color that’s light and builds gradually, making it good for daily use and more natural even on fair skin. 
  • For babes who don't want to spend lots of time tanning – try gel, spray, or mousse products as they dry the fastest. Sprays are the easiest way to get hard to reach places. A mousse is a more lightweight formula that evenly distributes color and won’t feel as sticky. 
  • Prep skin by exfoliating well. Grab a bath glove and BodyBlendz – shower, scrub and shave. 

  • Apply product use gentle, broad, circular strokes. Start at ankles, work one leg at a time, blend your way up the back, move on to sides, and around to stomach. Continue onto chest, around shoulders, avoid armpits and blend down arms. 
  • Face, hands and feet require extra precision so save these parts for last. Dilute the product by mixing in your fave moisturizer to achieve a more natural looking tan on these areas. Application to face, neck and décolleté should be similar to applying foundation. Blend well at the hairline, and babes with light hair – be extra careful!
  • Overlap each stroke to avoid streaking and missed areas. If you missed a spot, reapply product to fix or darken the original application. 
  • To help blend application, roll a small soft hand towel and lightly sweep over outer edges of armpits, wrists, ankles, hands, feet and inside of arms. 

  • When the application is complete, thoroughly wipe the inside of your hands and fingers with a damp cloth.
  • Wear loose fitting, dark clothes while product develops. Keep skin dry for about 6-8 hours to product can absorb into skin. If skin gets wet while product develops, gently blot the area dry.
  • If you accidentally apply too much product, gently exfoliate the skin with a BodyBlendz scrub. This will help lighten the tan (and give you even more of a glow ;)
  • Keep skin moisturized to help the tan fade evenly and last longer. 

If you're not a fan of tanning lotions and don't mind dropping some cash on a more luxe experience, airbrush tanning is for you, babe. Keep in mind that airbrushing can crack as it wears off and looks crazy if you go too dark, so go to someone who you trust will be precise, and ask for a color that's only a shade or two beyond your natural skin tone.

Happy tanning, babes!


June 20, 2016

Summertime sun, babes in bikinis, margaritas...and more babes in bikinis. Life is always better with a beach day, and we think every babe deserves to have the best one possible.

Even if it’s not beach season where you are, (or you don’t live anywhere near the beach) BodyBlendz will bring the beach to you. Read below to see how you can win our upcoming competition for a ticket to Mexico – and before you know it you and your bestie might be those lucky babes with buns in sand, drinks in hand!

In the mean time, we want you to get the most out of those endless summer days without getting too depleted, so we’ve come up with 5 ways to give you a glow that will last you forever.

Nothing beats getting sandy and salty from the ocean, except getting dirty with Bodyblendz ;) Scrubbing before and after the beach will prep skin for protective lotions, eliminates rashes, breakouts, and cellulite, and keeps skin glowing all day.

We all love sipping cocktails on the sand, but swap your boozy faves for super hydrating sips to avoid getting depleted under the hot sun. Coconut water contains electrolytes, which helps with dehydration. And we are nuts for coconuts...

We love crunchy munchies as much as any babe. To avoid eating a bag of something you’ll regret later, try packing healthy snacks – like mixed nuts, fruits, and veg. You’ll still get the quick fix, but with the addition of long-term skin-boosting benefits.

You may be a young hottie-with-the-body now, but all babes eventually age. To prevent premature aging and protect your skin from wrinkles, scarring, dryness, or worse skin conditions, apply generous amounts of SPF during fun-in-the-sun time.

See you at the beach, babes!


June 16, 2016

Meet Nicole Williams - our lovely BodyBlendz guest, an international star, and the inspiration behind the soon-to-be-released scrub, Mandarin Mist!

Nicole is one busy babe. She is well-known for her appearances on the E! Reality Series WAGS, and is taking the world by storm as a stunning model. Best of all, she has teamed up with BodyBlendz to create an exclusive citrus scrub that will transport you straight to the tropics.

BodyBlendz caught up to Nicole for a special Q&A interview. From her fave daily essentials to valuable advice, here are this mega hottie’s top tips for staying a balanced and beautiful babe all of the time.

A Hot Tea 

I love a good kale salad mixed with chickpeas and corn!

My Phone

Advil, phone charger, sneakers, a pair of heels, and lots of leggings.  

Salt and vinegar chips! 

Pink Coconut Water 

Baseball Hats  

I use Rose Water spray and Dragons Blood serum. 

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask. 


An effortless top knot, mascara, tinted lipgloss and a touch of tinted moisturizer.  

A good cat eye liner, false lash, a good lip liner/lipstick, A contouring compact to hit those cheekbones, a highlighter, and a good concealer! 


Took a Pill in Ibiza, by Mike Posner 

Retail Therapy  

Do what makes you happy!

The product that changed my skin would be the BodyBlendz Scrub. I never used to exfoliate with a scrub, now that I do I've noticed a huge difference in my skin’s smoothness! Also, the hint of coffee is great for stubborn cellulite!

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