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Insta Glow Gift Set - 20% Off

One-time purchase $42.85 $53.85

Our all-star faves are your one-way ticket to a real-life Insta filter.  Scrub, smooth and hydrate your skin to a flawless finish with the Insta Glow Gift Set. This Christmas Gift Set contains a full-size Coco Luxe Coffee Scrub, a full-size Oily Love and our Watermelon Mitt. #nofilter

You can also choose to change your body scrub to:

Coffee Buff
Sugar Glow
Vanilla Blush

*Simply leave a note at checkout which coffee scrub you want to receive.

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Plus Get 2 BodyBlendz Lip Masks for FREE When You Buy Now. Limited Stocks Only.

Insta Glow Gift Set Includes:

Coco Luxe Coffee Scrub – $19.95
Oily Love – $24.95
Watermelon Mitt – $8.95
Gift Box

Total price: $53.85
Bundle price: $42.85

SAVE $11