Why Coffee?

By In the Buff – October 03, 2017

Contrary to common misconception, the deliciously decadent coffee bean is actually great for our health. Coffee has received a bad reputation in the past, but science has kicked those conspiracies goodbye and brought us tones of evidence that our beloved brown beans should be here to stay.

The issue is when coffee is consumed with a bunch of sugar and milk added, it really is just a cup of junk that isn’t going to benefit your health or your skin in any way. Consumed orally without additives (sorry babes, but you’re already sweet enough), or applied topically, coffee can really be your best friend for a multitude of reasons, namely your skin. That’s why we chose to use our favourite little bean in BodyBlendz products.

Ground coffee beans are used to specifically target cellulite and stretch marks – a woman’s worst enemy, because it doesn’t matter what your body shape or size is, we ALL have them, don’t let Photoshop and Instagram filters fool you! The exciting part is, the sight of stretch marks and cellulite CAN be drastically improved, it just takes a little work baby. And by work we mean staying hydrated and keeping up with your scrubbing schedule.

The caffeine within coffee works to wake up tired skin and delivers a burst of antioxidants via our bodies transdermal delivery system. Caffeine is an excellent ingredient to have in skincare products as it is a stimulant which generates blood flow, and gives you a burst of energy to move more, in turn improving your skin. Combining exercise and a balanced diet with skincare is key to looking and feeling our best.

Coffee is naturally rich in antioxidants which are the molecules that fight off free radicals and protect your cells from illness, disease and ageing. It is really important to maintain a diet and lifestyle high in antioxidants to remain healthy. Studies have found that the antioxidants in coffee can act as a natural sun protector, prevent further damage to our skin cells and protect us from disease such as the development of cancer. Coffee scrubs can slow down the ageing process and help to detox the body by eradicating the toxins on the skins surface.

As coffee is a gift from mother nature herself, it can be used for all skin conditions, it doesn’t matter if you’re oily, sensitive, dry and flaky or ageing gracefully, BodyBlendz coffee scrub is going to benefit you. Coffee is so versatile, being one of the only ingredients out there that can apply to such a wide range of skin types.

Scrubbing with coffee has also been proven to improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, improve signs of acne, psoriasis and eczema, remove dead skin cells, regenerate new healthy skin cells and deeply moisturize the skin. It’s pretty much a gift from the universe to you, to make your life better. We recommend scrubbing with BodyBlendz at least three times per week. You can follow your scrub with our OilyLove to truly give your skin the lovin’ it deserves.

Insider tip 1: Focus in on dry patches such as elbows, knees, ankles and feet or any other problem areas you may have.

Insider tip 2: Take a more gentle approach when scrubbing delicate areas such as your face, neck and décolletage, you want to give these areas a good dose of BodyBlendz, so the areas get to reap the benefits from the product, without using so much pressure that it becomes abrasive.

There you have it babes, now you really have no reason not to be incorporating black coffee into your diet and ground coffee beans into your skincare routine, we’ve made it simple for you by combining nourishing ground coffee beans with a bunch of amazing natural products to give you the most luxurious scrub yet.