The Toxic Ingredients You Want To Avoid In Your Beauty Products

By In the Buff – August 26, 2017

We live in a beautiful world, but unfortunately it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Every day when you reach for your beauty and skincare products, you run the risk of contaminating your body with a plethora of toxins that are damaging your health in a number of ways.

Most of these toxins are known to disrupt the endocrine system, which is responsible for transporting hormones all over your body. These hormones are vital for optimal bodily function. Some of the toxic chemicals present in our products are even linked to causing cancer and other terrifying diseases.

It can be difficult to avoid toxins in the modern, industrialised, commercial society we live in, but our advice to you is to just do your best where you can. When you are using products in your routine that aren’t Body Blendz, here’s what you should look out for, and remember babes natural is always best.

Sunscreen Chemicals

Common names for the genre of chemicals used to block ultra violet rays from the sun include Benzophenone, PABA, Avobenzone, Homosalate, and Ethoxycinnmate. This group of chemicals are easily absorbed via our skin when applied topically, they are toxic to the human body and are endocrine disruptors linked to many forms of cancer and cellular damage within the body. Try opting for natural and organic sunscreens where possible.

Butylated Compounds

Referred to as BHT or BHA, these horrible ingredients are used in food and products as preservatives, designed to give products a longer shelf life. These chemicals cause skin allergies, endocrine disruptions, development issues, infertility and reproductive toxicity. These chemicals mimic estrogen and throw off hormonal function in both sexes. They have even been found to promote the growth of tumours! Scary stuff! These can be found in many makeup and skincare products such as eyeliners, lipsticks, eye shadows, lip gloss, nappy creams, cleansers, moisturisers, blushes, foundations and perfumes.


A harmful chemical used in many products to soften them or increase their flexibility. They are known to disrupt the endocrine system causing breast cancer, early development in young girls, and birth defects. They can be found in deodorants, perfumes, nail polish, moisturisers and hairsprays under the following names: diethyl phthalate, dimethyl phythalate, and even ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ which is a loop hole many manufacturers get away with by claiming it’s a ‘secret formula’. If you really enjoy fragranced products, be sure to select varieties that use natural essential oils or plant oil essences to enhance their smell.


Often found in foundations, lipsticks and even toothpastes, lead has been removed from paint and pencils due to its high toxicity levels, but it can still be found in some beauty products. What the hell right? Lead is a neurotoxin linked to infertility, miscarriage, and female puberty delays. Lead is not actually added into to cosmetics as an official ingredient, it is a contaminant from other by-products, found present in these products when tested. The only way to avoid them is to only buy makeup and toothpastes that are not artificially coloured, you can opt for products with natural colours and flavours.


This harmful chemical is a dangerous carcinogen very similar to asbestos in composition, and is linked to ovarian cancer, especially when applied to genital areas, lung cancer and respiratory diseases such as emphysema from unavoidably inhaling the particles during use. It can be found in baby powder, (eek can somebody please think of the children!), eye shadow, feminine hygiene products, blushes and deodorants.


A widely used preservative in cosmetics that are easily penetrated by your skin, these chemicals are harmful endocrine disruptors and interfere with hormones, can mimic estrogen and have been found in human cancer tissue samples. They also cause problems with reproduction, infertility, issues with the nervous system and immune system. Ensure to only purchase products that are paraben free.


Can also be referred to as mineral oil, is often used in products such as baby oil, lip balm and moisturisers. This substance acts as a barrier on the skin and inhibits the body’s natural detoxification process. Petroleum is often contaminated with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons or PAHs which are associated with cancer. Petrolatum is also a carcinogen that can cause allergies and skin irritations and should be avoided at all costs. Goodbye petroleum jelly. Hello natural lip balms… home-made and DIY anyone?

Sodium Lauryl & Laureth Sulfate (SLS/SLES)

Used to make a foamy or soapy consistency in products such as cleansers, shampoo, bubble bath and body wash, these nasty compounds are often contaminated with harmful toxins such as Ethylene Oxide and Dioxane which are known carcinogens to the human body, they can cause harm to the central nervous system, development issues and endocrine problems. These chemicals irritate the skin and eyes and are hard to break down, meaning they continue to float around in our environment long after use.

Our goal is to continue to provide you with safe, natural beauty products that you can trust. We don’t want to scare you out of using products, we want to educate you to make informed decisions about yours and your loved ones bodies.


Chantelle Bugeja for Body Blendz