The Hottest Asian Beauty Trends of 2017

By In the Buff – August 05, 2017

It’s no secret that Asia are ahead of the beauty game, especially Korea. Since the digital age, globalisation and rise of social media, we have been lucky enough to get our mitts on the hottest beauty trends straight out of the East. Over the past five to ten years, K-Beauty has started to push its way into mainstream beauty in the West. Gone are the days where you have to fly to Japan or Korea to get their luxury beauty products in your hot little hands, hello and thank you ecommerce. First it was BB cream… now the innovations are endless.

The one thing Korean find most important is their skin. Their skincare routines can include so many steps, we’d be late for work if we even tried. We don’t expect to see all of these in our daily regime any time soon... but we will for sure be giving them all a whirl.

If there is anything that the past two years in the beauty world has taught us, it’s that skincare is in. Gone are the days of packing on foundation as thick as possible to hide every imperfection. Western women are putting more effort into preserving and maintaining their skin, and rocking the bare faced look more than ever before. We all desire that radiant glow, that flawless complexion that screams natural beauty. Body Blendz can sure help you with that, but why not jump on the Asian beauty bandwagon and experience the innovation for yourself. Read on for our top picks for the hottest Asian beauty trends of 2017.

Sheet masks

Sheet masks, made from cotton or fibre, adhere to your skin, acting as a barrier between your face and the outside world, locking the product against your skin to ensure optimum absorption. These babies are pre-cut to fit the shape of your face comfortably. Sheet masks are super effective at delivering nutrients to the skin via their transdermal delivery system, locking in hydration, moisture and ensuring an evenly distributed application of the serum.

There are so many cool varieties out on the market, for different skin types and concerns, some of the nourishing ingredients include rice extract and hyaluronic acid.

Powder serums

These revolutionary products literally convert from powder to liquid upon patting and rubbing them into the skin. The powder is super concentrated vitamins and minerals designed to nourish the skin. The powder can be applied directly to the skin or added to serums, moisturisers or your favourite skincare product.

Sleeping packs

K-Beauty sleeping packs are just like a face mask you apply before going to bed, only that it applies like jelly and dries clear. They are formulated for you to wake up feeling soft, supple and beautiful. They also act as a barrier between your face and bacteria, promoting healthy skin. Most of them are made from fruit extracts and other natural ingredients to safely nurture your skin. Used mostly for hydration, brightening, tightening and plumping.

Blur creams

Taking moisturiser to the next level, these gems have developed a cult-like following. Blur creams or filter creams are the skincare equivalent of an Instagram filter… amazing right! They can be found in the form of primers, moisturisers, lip balms and beauty balms. They help to disguise imperfections such as zits, large pores and fine lines without you ending up looking all cake-facey from too much makeup. I’ll have ten, thank you very much!

Face essences

Move over serums, your smarter, hotter cousin is back in town. Essences are a core product in Korean women’s beauty routines and for good reason. Applied after cleansing and toning just like a serum but slightly thinner and more water-like, essences are a skincare powerhouse. Due to the finer molecular structure the ingredients are able to penetrate the skin more deeply and easily, allowing for more instant and dramatic results. Face essences change the skin on a cellular level, making them pretty much the most important new trick to add to your routine.

Cushion compacts

These babies are basically foundation, BB cream or CC cream soaked into a cushion within a compact accompanied by a revolutionary applicator. The formula inside the actual foundation or product is exactly the same as their bottled counterparts, the game changer here is the innovative applicator puff which is scientifically designed to be non-absorbent. The foundation stays moist due to the sponge-like cushion inside the compact, all the while giving you the convenience of a portable compact that you can chuck in your handbag.

There you have it, six of the hottest Korean inspired, cult beauty trends for 2017. Who knows, by 2018 they might all be part of our regular Western daily regime.

Chantelle Bugeja for Body Blendz