The Best Kept Skincare Secrets For A Perfect Complexion

By In the Buff – August 31, 2017

We are absolutely obsessed with achieving a glowing, flawless complexion. Our skin is the
largest organ in our entire body, so it is important to take good care of it. You can really tell
when a woman looks after herself by the condition of her skin, especially after her late
twenties. If there’s one word of advice any older, wiser woman will tell you, it’s to look after
your skin now, not when it’s too late. Prevention is always better than cure. Keep reading
for the best skincare secrets you never even knew about, it’s time to get luminous babes.

Wash your makeup brushes
The build-up of old makeup, bacteria and residue on your makeup brushes is pretty much a
break-out- waiting-to- happen. Save your pretty face from future disasters by keeping your
brushes in check. This means spot cleaning after each use and deep cleaning at least once
per week.

A makeup wipe is NOT enough
When it comes to removing your makeup, one things for sure, using a makeup wipes is
definitely not enough! Sure, using a makeup wipe to remove that first layer of makeup off
your face is fine, but your skin is not clean, I repeat, it is not clean. After using a wipe, be
sure to cleanse twice, once to remove any excess makeup and residue from the wipe, and
the second time to actually give your skin the true cleanse it needs.

Exfoliate regularly
People tend to forget this one! Exfoliation is the absolute key to achieving and maintaining
amazing skin. Exfoliating rids your skin of dead cells, clears pores and allows new cells to
form. Exfoliating also assists in allowing your products to penetrate deeper, giving better
results to the rest of your routine. Exfoliating leaves your skin looking fresh, healthy and
radiant. Body Blendz have a fabulous range of natural exfoliating products available, jump to
our shop page to check them out.

Never touch your face
This is a tough one, but it will make a true difference to the look and health your skin. Our
fingers are generally covered in microscopic germs from touching things all day, think door
handles, railings, shoe laces, phone screens and keyboards. Our skin creates natural oils
which end up all over our fingertips from our hair and body, then end up back on our face,
eek. By touching your face, you are spreading bacteria all over it, which will result in
breakouts. Touching your face can also lead to premature aging. The jury is in gals, leave
face touching for during your skincare routine only, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

Wear oversized sunglasses
Not only are these babies a timeless wardrobe staple, they are the perfect accessory to
protect the delicate skin around your eyes. When this area is exposed to harmful UV rays, it
is prone to fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Protect your eyes and the surrounding area,
and wear these oversized bad boys daily.

Change your pillow case regularly
Our pillowcases get used every single night for approximately 8 hours and absorb dirt, sweat
and oil from our skin and hair. Dermatologists have even found pillow cases to be a
common cause of acne. If you can, switch your pillowcase every day to ensure it is not
contributing to blocked pores and breakouts. If every day seems a bit much, don’t leave it
any longer than 2-3.

Apply ice
Ensure your skin in clean, cover a piece of ice in cloth, then apply directly to problem spots
for approximately one minute to naturally reduce inflammation. This will instantly reduce
the look of your zit and allow you to get on with your day with confidence. Don’t leave the
ice on for any longer than a minute though, as you risk causing damage to the surrounding

High price doesn’t always equal best results
There are certainly high end products out there that produce the results they claim to, BUT
this does always not mean the more expensive a product is, the better it is. You do not have
to pay hundreds of dollars for good skincare. Often, the best products are affordable, and
mostly natural. Think coconut and olive oils, natural coffee and sea salt scrubs etc. You can
even make skincare, such as masks from natural ingredients in your own home.

Potato slices
A beauty trick to get rid of dark circles under your eyes is to cut up a cold potato into thin
slices and apply to the eye area, ensuring you cover any dark circles. Leave them on for 20
minutes and voila, dark circles appear brighter. The more often you do this trick, the more
dramatic the outcome.

Not just for your morning latte. Coffee is a skincare gem, packed with antioxidants, applying
coffee to your skin will benefit your complexion dramatically. Applied externally, coffee
gives your skin a big dose of nutrients that will have it fighting off carcinogens and free
radicals, the texture of coffee is put to good use by exfoliating the skin leaving it soft and
smooth. Coffee also helps to improve circulation. Have you tried our natural coffee scrubs

Chantelle Bugeja for Body Blendz