One Girl & BodyBlendz - Join Us In Educating Girls

By In the Buff – October 13, 2017

One Girl are an Australian not-for-profit organisation with a goal to educate one million girls across Africa. One Girl was inspired by a chance meeting with a 14-year-old who had been wandering the streets and asking strangers for help to pay for her school fees. After hearing her story, the founders of One Girl knew they had to help, although they did not stop there. Why stop at one girl when there are over 60 million girls around the world who have never had the opportunity to receive an education? One Girl started work in Sierra Leone and Uganda, two of the most challenging places on earth to be born a girl.

There are many reasons why being born in these places is so challenging for girls, for one, being born female means you are highly unlikely to get to go to school, as families cannot afford it, and if they can afford to send one child to school, it will almost always be the boy. More than 70% of people in Sierra Leone earn less than $2 per day, which makes it difficult to cover living costs and school is considered a luxury. Without an education these girls get stuck in the same vicious cycle as their parents, and are unable to make the changes necessary for a better future.

Many young girls are sold into marriage to make their families enough money to live. In Sierra Leone, 44% of girls are forced into marriage before their 18th birthday. There are girls as young as 11 who are forced into marriage with men old enough to be their father. Early and forced pregnancy is another common reason for girls in these locations to drop out of school, some girls have unprotected sex, others are raped and some are forced to sell their bodies in exchange for food and money just to survive.

One Girl have worked tirelessly to raise funds and recruit volunteers to build classrooms and toilets, trained thousands of girls in Business Brains, supported 380 young girls with scholarships, and given thousands of girls and women access to sanitary pads. The organisation has reached over 17,000 females in Africa so far. One Girl’s scholarships provide everything a girl will need for her education including school fees, uniforms, books, bags, shoes and all that’s in between. One Girls’ Business Brains initiative teaches girls life skills and has enabled many young women to start their own small businesses in their local communities, where jobs are scarce.

Supporting One Girl to empower women in disadvantaged communities to receive an education and take control of their future, is very close to our hearts here at Body Blendz. We passionately believe that every girl in the world should have the right to an education and we want to help.  One Girl’s initiatives will not only benefit the lives of the girls involved and their families, they will be a key indicator of positive change and development in their communities and region.

To show our support and simultaneously celebrate the launch of our new face scrub, BodyBlendz will be running an Instagram campaign to raise awareness of One Girl and donate $1 directly to One Girl for every participating post.

We will be giving away a free BodyBlendz Spa Headband with each purchase of the new face scrub. For every Instagram post where one of you babes is wearing the headband and showing the face scrub as well as using the following tags #bodyblendzonegirl @body_blendz we will be giving $1 straight to One Girl. Help us, help One Girl make a difference in the lives of young African women.

As they say “when you educate a girl, she can change her world”.