How To Find Your Perfect Lipstick Shade Based On Your Skin Tone

By Admin Staff – June 22, 2017

Deciding on the right lip colour can often be a tricky task, whether you are just indecisive by nature, or you really aren’t sure what colours will suit you, this article is going to be your lippy bible. Now, there are some gals who are confident in rocking every lip colour out there, regardless of their skin tone, if this is you, you go girlfriend, don’t give up, you’re a rock star. For those of us babes that need a little more inspo to get our lip on... read on.


So, first thing first, we need to find out the natural undertones in our skin in order to select the right shade. The three skin tones that your skin will fall under are warm, cool and neutral. A warm skin tone will reflect yellow, peachy or golden undertones. Cool will throw a pink or blueish red, and a neutral undertone will not have any obvious pink, blue or yellow coming through and can often mean you have an olive complexion with a slight ash or mild green appearance.

Still having trouble working out which category you fall under? You can use one of the following tests to help you determine your undertone

The jewellery test

Those with cool undertones tend to suit silver, white gold or platinum jewellery. Those with warm undertones usually suit gold much more. The lucky gals with a neutral undertone tend to suit both equally.

The vein test

Obvious blue or purple veins usually means you have a cool undertone, if your veins look more of a green tinge you most probably have warm undertones. Can’t tell the difference? You are most likely neutral.

The tan or burn test

Does your skin burn or tan easily in the sun? If you tend to burn and go pink quickly, you most likely have a cool undertone. If you tan really easily you will fall under the warm/neutral category.

*Note: we do not suggest exposing yourself to the sun without protection to test this theory out.

Now that you know your skin tone it’s time to find out what shades will suit you best! The general rule is you want to compliment your skin tone with your makeup rather than contradicting it. So, for those of us with cool undertones, true pinks and classic reds with a blue undertone will suit you best. Warm skin tones will suit corals, peaches and reds with a warm or orange undertone. Babes with a neutral skin tone tend to be able to suit both ends of the spectrum, although warms tones may be better suited if your neutral skin is actually olive.

For a general rule of thumb, you want your lipstick colour to be at least 2 shades darker than your natural lip colour. For evening wear we say rock a fuchsia lip for our cool toned babes, and a terracotta or brick red for our warm toned babes. For day time wear we suggest rocking a dusty rose for our cool toned gals and a warm peach for our warm and neutral toned gals

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Chantelle Bugeja for BodyBlendz x