How To Choose Your Eyeshadow Shade Like A Pro

By In the Buff – September 08, 2017

Nailing your eyeshadow can be a tricky task, many babes tend to either shy away from using it at all, only use a natural tone close to their skin colour, or beg their bestie to do them up a smokey eye as a favour before a night out.

We’re here to teach you how to get your eyeshadow game on fleek, so you can rock a low-key or dazzling eye any day of the week. The trick is all about knowing what colours suit you, and to blend baby blend.

It all starts with your eye colour. They say eyes are the window to the soul, and whoever “they” are, seem to know what they’re talking about. Have you ever been lost in somebody’s eyes for a second too long, only to have to snap yourself out of it? You can achieve those dreamy or sultry eyes too, by knowing exactly how to enhance your assets.

One of the tricks of professional makeup artists is understanding the colour wheel and which colours complement each other, the general rule is that your eye shadow colour, should sit opposite from your eye colour on the colour wheel. If you stick by this, your eyes will be sure to pop! By choosing a colour opposite to your eyes, it will bring more attention to the natural colour of your eyes, making them stand out.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most versatile eye colour to work with as they are neutral. Our brown-eyed babes will have the easiest time finding the right colour to make their eyes burst. We suggest blending a natural tone with either a blue, violet or green strike of colour to really bring out brown eyes. Brown eyes can get away with almost any shade and look absolutely stunning. It’s up to you to decide if you go warm or cool based on your skin tone. If you want to open your eyes up, put some darker shadow in the outer corner and crease to create a little extra oomph.

Blue Eyes

Make blue eyes pop with neutral and natural shades of brown, and sand with orange undertones such as terra cotta. You can also work with gold, bronze and champagne to really bring out the gorgeous blues. Blue eyed babes look amazing with a brown smokey shadow as eyeliner rather than a harsh black liner around the rim of the eyes. Don’t forget to finish the look off with a few coats of mascara, as our blue eyed babes usually have a fairer complexion.

Hazel Eyes

The elusive hazel eye, usually containing a mix of different colours depending on the day, can use a variety of colours to bring out the different aspects of the eye colour. If you want to play up the green, go for a purple undertone on the lid and if you want to bring out that light-browny-yellow opt for a blue or green shadow. One colour within the eye may be more prominent than the other at different times, so it will come down to which tone you want to bring out the most on the day. Play around with it, and have fun. You can always go for gold, bronze and neutral colours if you are feeling unsure.

Green Eyes

The opposite of green on the colour wheel is red, which doesn’t tend to look that great on eyes unless you are going for a really dramatic look. We suggest using pinks and purples for all you green eyed goddesses, to really bring out the rare and striking colour of your eyes. You should opt for red undertones in colours like bronze, rose, rust and violet. For a really stand-out look, try a deep, dark purple, similar to eggplant or aubergine to truly make your eyes pop.

Don’t forget babes, always finish off with mascara and liner for the perfect eye makeup. We like to team a dramatic eye with a fresh, dewy face to complete the look.


Chantelle x