Make This the Best Valentine’s Day Ever

By In the Buff – February 12, 2016

Hey all you Hotties with the Bodies!

Are you all ready for Valentine’s Day?! Whether your focus this year is on new romance, your fam and friends, or a little well-deserved self-care, it’s not too late to show your love. We’ve got you babes covered! In coffee, that is…

Trust us when we say you’ll want our coffee-based scrubs spread all over your bods.

We take our scrubs as seriously as you take your health and happiness – and not just in February. Our whole BodyBlendz biz is founded on the belief that taking care of how you look and feel with amazing products and awesome lifestyle tips is the key to ultimate love all year ‘round.

Want to say h$@* NO to nasties? So do we. Which is why each one of our nasty-free products is packed with a balance of natural ingredients.

We’re kinda obsessed with the results we’re getting from invigorating coffee, hydrating coconut, exfoliating sugar, and regenerating oats. Apply them wherever you want to smooth out stubborn cellulite and stretch marks, clear blemishes, and brighten dull or dry skin from head to toe.

Sure, a bouquet of flowers is nice. And, who can resist chocolate?

But, if you babes are looking for the best way to experience pleasure and show your passion, take a cue from us.

Kick off your Valentine’s day (or night) with the ultimate set of beautifying and aphrodisiac products to get your heart pumping and skin glowing – and get ready to fall crazy in love.

XOXO BodyBlendz