By In the Buff – October 07, 2015

Want to get your hands on something sweet? BodyBlendz is ready to satisfy your needs with a sugar scrub that will make your skin silkier and your shower steamier. Suga Daddy is like an aphrodisiac in a bag – nothing says ooh la la like a handful of wet sugar being massaged onto warm skin.


When it comes to taking special care of ourselves (and our sweethearts), besides making bath time just a little more interesting, here’s a few other reasons why this yummy body scrub really takes the cake:


  • The fine granules of raw sugar will leave skin feeling super smooth to the touch. It is softer than other forms of sugar, making it gentle enough for sensitive skin, but strong enough to remove dirt and dead skin cells.


  • Almond, macadamia, olive, and jojoba oils create a creamy blend that keeps skin nourished and conditioned by helping lock in moisture and promote hydration to reveal a gorgeous, dewy glow.


  • The added bonus of ground coffee beans not only aids in the process of exfoliation, but also feeds your senses with an irresistible aroma of mocha. This recipe smells so good you’ll almost be tempted to take a nibble.


  • Who needs to splurge on a decadent spa treatment when this fun and affordable DIY scrub can transform and uplift you in three simple steps:   Strip down. Scrub up. Shower off.


So, be a little naughty. Indulge and have dessert first.