By In the Buff – August 10, 2015

 Some of us cannot get through the day without a strong cup of joe. Even if you’re not a caffeine junkie, you can still enjoy the benefits of a buzz by reviving your skin with a coffee-based scrub.

Along with the combo of regular exercise, a healthy diet and plenty of h2o, the addition of giving your skin a diligent and detoxing scrub every week will make you rise and shine like never before. For those of us plagued by problematic skin, scrubbing with ground beans from the Arabica coffee plant is one of the best ways to target these issues.

Here are 3 reasons why a daily coffee scrub will give you and your skin a glowing boost from head to toe.

Minimize the appearance of cellulite.

    Caffeine is considered one of the most effective ingredients for combating cellulite. While it may not permanently eliminate it, gently rubbing a coffee scrub into affected areas will reduce the condition by stimulating blood flow, breaking up the fatty deposits, tightening and toning the skin. 

    Treat eczema, psoriasis, acne and stretch marks.

      While not many skin care ingredients apply to a wide range of skin types, coffee beans are great for those of us needing help to exfoliate and smooth out dry, flaky, sensitive and mature skin. Focus on rough spots like elbows, knees, and feet, and avoid irritating the skin by using a less abrasive approach with more delicate areas such as the face.

      Protect against internal and external damage. 

        Coffee is rich with antioxidant properties. High use of antioxidant content acts as natural sunblock, prevents damage to our cells, and protects us from disease, the development of cancer, and the effects of aging. The regular use of a coffee scrub is a perfect aid in detoxing, thanks to the process of sloughing off toxins released by the body.