15 Timeless Beauty Tips Every Beauty Guru Knows

By In the Buff – November 17, 2017

Many of us are constantly on the hunt for new beauty tricks, recent products and fresh information that will help us look and feel our absolute best, although there are some tips that stand the tests of time. Here we have for you a little list of the most reliable advice when it comes to beauty, the secrets on this list are absolute no brainers for all the beauty geeks and gurus out there, and we want to share them with you.

1. If you get oily skin throughout the day, keep blotting papers in your handbag, these babies will help manage the shiny areas on your face and can also be used to tidy up old smudged eye makeup.

2. Don’t wash your hair every day, or even every second day if you can manage. Constantly shampooing your strands dries them out and can also cause a dry, flaky scalp which actually leads to more oil production, keeping you in a vicious cycle of oily roots and dry ends. Say hello to messy top knots and sleek braids when your hair is just that bit too oily to be down.

3. Exfoliate regularly, at least 3 times per week for both your face and body. Invest in a good quality scrub, like ourand make it a priority in your routine. Exfoliating is important for removing dead skin cells, promoting soft, supple skin and reducing the signs of cellulite, stretch marks, pigmentation and clogged pores.

4. Enjoy a clear complexion by using tea tree oil on any stubborn spots that pop up. If you dab some of this precious oil directly on to the spot after cleansing and avoid squeezing, it should go down by morning, leaving you feeling confident and free. If you have sensitive skin, dilute the tea tree oil in some water first.

5. When applying moisturisers to your face, warm the product between your hands first then ensure to gently tap or push the product into the skin rather than rubbing it in circular motions. This allows the product to penetrate more directly, when smoothing it over, much of the product gets smeared away and disperses unevenly.

6. To create a dramatic but natural wide eyed look, take your eyeliner or shadow and dot it along the lash line between every lash, then smudge it out with a fine brush, when applying the product, stop before the last lash on the inner corner to open up the eyes. The trick is to not go all the way around the eye with the liner to give some space on the inner corner for your eyes to appear more open.

7. When it comes to $$$, invest in skincare over makeup. If you can have both, then why the hell not? BUT if there has to be a compromise, skincare wins every time. Once you make caring for your skin a priority, the less makeup you will need to cover it up in the long run.

8. Never, ever, I mean never go to bed with makeup on. No excuses, going to be sleep wearing makeup is guaranteed to destroy even the most healthy skin. Your skin needs time to breath, heal and repair. Your skin will be dehydrated, lack oxygen and look overall bleak, that’s until a bunch of blemishes pop out from nowhere from all of the pores you were clogging. No thank you.

9. Always apply a leave in conditioner or coconut oil to your hair before going for a swim, especially in chlorinated water. Focus more on the ends to ensure your hair remains stress free while you are having fun in the sun.

10. Before tweezing your brows, wipe over the area with a swab of warm water to loosen the hairs, then pluck in the direction of the hair growth for a smooth, pain free pluck.

11. Camouflage grey hairs with a spritz of dry shampoo in the right shade, or alternatively for our dark haired babes use mascara, for brunettes go for a dark shadow and for our lighter babes try an eyeshadow or bronzer closest to your shade. Works a treat!

12. Before using your eyelash curler, blast it with the heat from your hair dryer for a few seconds or run it under hot water, the warmth will ensure your lashes stay curled. Just be careful not to burn the delicate skin around your eye.

13. When trying on new foundations and searching for the perfect shade, avoid testing the product on your wrist or hand, the best place to determine the right colour for you is along your jawline.

14. Invest in a luxurious silk pillow case for bed time. The fabric enables you to have a comfortable night sleep whilst looking after your hair. Hair can snap, break and pull quite easily on a regular pillowcase. A silk pillow case will also ensure you don’t wake up with extra wrinkles on your face.

15. Moisturise immediately after a shower with a good quality oil based moisturiser or cream, this traps any excess moisture into the skin leaving it more deeply hydrated.