By In the Buff – April 17, 2016

Does your skin freak out when you travel?

Whether you’re on the move for biz or pleasure, locally or abroad, being on the road can be tough on skin. Anything from a hectic itinerary, changes in climate, or unusual food can trigger breakouts, puffy eyes, or premature aging.

Airplanes seem to be the worst at wreaking havoc on our skin just when we need it to be at its best. The trick to not looking drained and dull during travel, is to take extra care of your skin on the way and once you reach your destination.

Here are some travel beauty tips for babes in transit:

It’s important to drink a lot when you fly. No babe, the mini bottles of booze they sell on the plane don’t count (although if it’s free champagne in first class with could we say no to that?) Between the stale air and shifts in altitude, it’s easy to get de-hydrated on planes. Chugging water during a flight will improve the appearance of your skin’s texture and keep it dewy. As much as we love our coffee, another way to energize is green tea – the skin-boosting antioxidants help treat puffy eyes and dark circles. Stay radiant by also moisturizing skin with face cream and lip balm prior to flying. Or refresh your complexion during a flight with a hydrating face spray (as long as it’s not a chemical cocktail).

It’s tempting to go for the fun stuff when you’re away from home and out of your regular food routine, but pass on inflammatory processed foods high in sugar, sodium, and bad fats, and pack your carry-on with nourishing snacks – your skin will thank you for it later. For a good dose of protein, anti-oxidant protection and other skin benefits, go for nuts like almonds, walnuts, or cashews. To eliminate dry, flaky skin, increase cell turnover, and prevent puffiness, eat nutrient rich fruit or veggies high in rejuvenating Vitamin A, like oranges, carrots, or cantaloupe. Or, grab a yogurt to benefit from its natural probiotics, which will replenish your system and ease flare-ups from chronic skin conditions like acne, eczema and rosacea.

If you’re a babe who can easily fall asleep on planes with no prob, you’re one of the lucky ones. Most of us have trouble sleeping on flights, but do what you can to get some shut-eye so you’re not walking off a plane looking like a zombie. Bring a cozy scarf or neck pillow to make you comfy and minimize premature aging from quality sleep. Airplanes are covered with dirty bacteria, so resting on something clean will prevent breakouts. Most airplane pillows are covered in polyester or cotton, but both of these fibers absorb natural oils, which causes skin to lose moisture and contributes to wrinkles. Skin experts say satin pillowcases benefits even the most sensitive skin types and will feel silky smooth on your sweet cheeks, kind of like our scrubs…

Even if you plan to hit the ground running upon your arrival, make time to exfoliate your skin ASAP. Consistent use of a scrub will give you that dreamy vacation glow, no matter what type of trip you have planned. Scrubbing cleanses the skin of bacteria by drawing out accumulated toxins and impurities that clog pores and cause breakouts. Plus, using one that contains healthy oils will revitalize skin that got depleted of natural moisture during a flight. On your next trip, make room in your bag for a scrub. They are lightweight, packable, and the perfect beauty item to relieve travel stress and enhance any journey from a relaxing DIY spa treatment. Besides, wherever you go babe, BodyBlendz wants to stay close by your side ;)